Coal vertical mill
Coal vertical mill

Product Description:

1. High efficiency and low power consumption;

2. The product fineness is easy to adjust, the particle size is uniform, and the chemical composition is easy to control;

3. Low noise, low metal wear and less dust;

4. The system has simple process flow, small floor area and investment saving.

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Coal vertical mill

It is widely used in modern cement, coal, electric power, chemical industry, steel and other industries. It is an efficient and energy-saving grinding equipment.


Grinding disc diameter


Feed size


Grinding water


Finished product moisture


Fineness of finished product



Motor power


MLM 1300130035≤10≤112%(R0.08)20200
MLM 1600160035≤10≤120%(R0.09)24.7280
MLM 1900190040≤10≤120%(R0.09)38450
MLM 2250225050≤10≤120%(R0.09)58550
Note: The parameter 'yield' in the table is the yield when HGI=50 and Aar=20%.