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2015 - 11 - 24
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2015 - 11 - 24
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In jersey knit yu-qi wang won the "national model worker" title of honor

Date: 2015-12-03
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On April 28, the national model workers and advanced workers commendation congress was held in Beijing great hall of the people, more than 2938 outstanding contribution to the national advanced model character on behalf of the workers to accept the party and the state of the nation's highest praise. Ze group in liaoning secretary yu-qi wang knitting company was awarded "national model worker" title of honor.
This commendation congress is 36 years, specifications of the highest one. CPC central committee general secretary and state President and central military commission President xi jinping made important speech at the meeting, li keqiang, zhang dejiang, yu zhengsheng, wang, zhang gaoli, yun-shan liu attended the meeting.
"National model worker" is awarded the highest honor of laborer, group secretary yu-qi wang knitting company as a good worker representatives in liaoning province, with honest labor to realize China's dream struggle, won the "national model worker" glorious title. This is the ze group, all the staff in the glory.
Yu-qi wang to join in jersey knit 16 years, under the cultivation of the enterprise, from the farmers of only the junior middle school culture, grow up to be technical backbone, middle management cadre, liaoyang outstanding communist party member, model workers in liaoning province, the national "51" labor medal and winner of "national model worker" title of honor. These honors obtained both display the yu-qi wang do a line loves a line, drill a line of fine line, while engaged in Labour, implementation of ze staff the spirit of glory and dream, also shows the jersey in jersey in the group's corporate culture and employees.


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