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2015 - 11 - 24
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CHMP focus on multi-measures at the same time improve the overall operating efficiency of enterprise

Date: 2018-12-01
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The average monthly output of CHMP has reached 1200 tons this year, an increase of 50% over the same period last year. This is the gratifying achievement of the comprehensive improvement of the operating efficiency of the enterprises.

CHMP is a large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprise with a history of 60 years, leading products are large-scale equipment in metallurgy, mining, building materials and environmental protection industries, with provincial-level enterprise technology center, with R & D design, equipment manufacturing, and so on. Import and export business and technical consulting equal to an integrated advantage. In 2006, after the merger and reorganization of Zhongze Group, the company actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise and the technological transformation, and gradually adapted to the market change, and completed the transformation and upgrading of the leading product from the building material machine to the smelting and mining equipment. In recent years, under the influence of the industry's overcapacity and the downturn in the market, orders have been unable to meet the demand for capacity, and have been operating at a loss, in the harsh environment of bankruptcy and bankruptcy of the vast majority of enterprises in the industry. The leading group and all the staff have worked tirelessly to maintain the enterprise's survival and development. Over the past 11 years, a cumulative output value of 2 billion yuan has been realized, which has relatively consolidated and promoted the market position of the metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry.

In 2018, CHMP focus on the fundamental task of promoting the operation benefit, the external market, the internal production, the increase of this efficiency, the multi-measures to improve the production capacity and the quality of the product, improve the production and operation capacity of the enterprise, and stabilize the monthly output by 1200 tons. And the operation benefit is improved obviously. At present, the domestic steel industry structure adjustment, steel prices rise, a number of steel plant relocation and transformation projects, the market led to an increase in order volume. CHMP focus on changes in the market, clear product direction, with more than 10 years of production experience more than 400 units, vigorously promote independent research and development of 'CHMP brand' mixer, the number and quality of orders continue to rise. At the same time, in addition to digging out the internal forces of the heavy and skillfully borrowed external forcesby employing experts from the original plant of the equipment and bringing into full play the potential of the mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel of the enterprise, CHMP have invested 2 million yuan to overhaul, repair and reform 6 large and medium-sized equipment, and have saved repair costs. Improve the maintenance level. Ten urgently needed equipments, such as cylinder automatic welding machine, hob grinder, plasma numerical control cutting machine and bending machine, have been purchased, which have basically guaranteed the need of production. CHMP also transformed the small batch and multi-variety production organization mode of main products into specialized production mode, modular design, modular production, forming a 'processing island' mode, specialized production improved efficiency and reduced costs. It also adjusted the technological process and independently developed new processes such as 'sleeve ring' of the mixer. The procurement of castings and forgings was changed from a blank to a semi-finished product, and a long-term and stable special supply relationship was established with professional supporting manufacturers to ensure the quality of the parts, thus reducing the purchase cost and improve the quality of the product. In addition, focusing on increasing technological innovation and continuously improving the core competitiveness of the products, based on the independent development of the Ø5x25m Mixer, the full development of more than Ø5.2m large-scale mixers, strive to join the domestic large-scale mixer first-class professional manufacturers.

At present, the market share of “CHMP brand” mixer is over 50%. Six of the 10 new steel mills in the country use mixer manufactured by CHMP, and other products such as lime production line are also gradually expanding their market share. At the same time, towards the 'The Belt and Road' of the national to expand the export channel of the product, with the help of the general contracting party or the design institute, and some of the products are exported to the nations alongside the Belt and Road such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, India and Vietnam.

In the next step, focusing on the trend of large-scale market products, the strategic development plan and equipment transformation plan have been formulated to improve the production and operation ability and economic benefit of enterprises in an all-round way. The plan is to invest 7 million yuan to repair or replace the equipment with long life, function degradation and decreased processing capacity, and purchase the key equipment such as numerical control plate rolling machine and large horizontal lathe, which lays the foundation for the realization of the target of 1800 tons per month.


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