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"Internet +" will promote "wisdom made in China"

Date: 2015-12-03
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The application of Internet technology in manufacturing, will be the most strong manufacturing industry a new round of speed up the development of engine, is the best opportunity of made in China realize the transformation and upgrading.
How to treat "Internet +" in promoting the role in the process of transformation of manufacturing industry. At present, the global industrial developed countries are using a new wave of information technology industry change. 4.0 German industry, advanced manufacturing industry in the United States national strategic plan, Japan reinvigorate strategic manufacturing, etc., are all developed countries to hold a new round of industrial revolution, to achieve industrial upgrading and put forward strategic again.
In the face of a new round of development trend of the industrial revolution, in the "2025" made in China, intelligent manufacturing is positioned as the main direction of made in China. This means that in the future for a long time, China's manufacturing industry will move forward along the intelligent manufacturing this way, strengthen the industrial base, realize the intelligent transformation, development of green manufacturing, realize the industrial innovation, it is intelligent manufacturing final goals to achieve.

"The depth of the information technology and manufacturing integration is the commanding heights of industry competition in the future. To grab the commanding heights, must be intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, organize the implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering." For the future development trend of manufacturing, MiaoWei pointed out.
Overall, our country has now with the development of intelligent manufacturing industry base, have some intelligent manufacturing technology, such as robot technology, sensing technology, initially formed by new sensors, industrial robot system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. However, compared with Germany, the United States there is a larger gap.
ZuoShiQuan thinks that gap mainly reflects in: one is the basic theory and technology system of intelligent manufacturing construction lag. At present, the main focus on track and the introduction of intelligent manufacturing technology, and basic research ability is relatively insufficient. 2 it is intelligent manufacturing equipment and key parts of others. At present, 90% of industrial robots in China imports, 80% of the integrated circuit chips, etc. Three is the lack of high-end industrial software. Four is manufacturing overall low degree of automation, digitization, region, industry and enterprise between a serious imbalance. "China does not yet have the basis of the comprehensive promotion of intelligent manufacturing and conditions, but should play its leading role, on the basis of the pilot demonstration, for further popularization and application".

Intelligent manufacture made in China to practice, must improve manufacturing base. Prime minister li keqiang in offered to develop "Internet +" plan of action, also emphasized to promote the Internet, cloud computing, big data, combined with modern manufacturing industries such as the Internet of things. This highlights, "Internet +" action plan contains not only the Internet, but including cloud computing, big data, such as the Internet of things the emerging technology, a series of key technologies.
In MiaoWei point of view, there's still a lot of Internet with industrial integration application. Now Internet applications are mostly in the marketing, after-sale service, purchasing, in manufacturing as well as between enterprises and enterprises will have more applications, will bring the existing mode of production of disruptive or revolutionary change. China has a group of Internet companies to become an international competition, the front-runner, get the companies started, and the close integration of industrial enterprises, set up the framework of good industrial development of the Internet, will provide more opportunities for the future development of enterprises.

When it comes to the Internet will lead to disruptive changes in MiaoWei, for example, is usually a mass produced product now, through the distribution link to the user. With the popularity of the Internet in the future, everyone can become a designer, and can also purchase the required raw materials and components on the Internet, their own design and production. "This is the best way to meet the personalized needs of production".


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