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Industrial automation technology development trend

Date: 2015-12-03
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4.0 at present, the industry trends, global emerging out of the numerous automatic startup, but they tend to realize the technology innovation is a niche product and limited by system integrators are disguised "kidnapping" and other similar problems; Investors on the track at the same time, want to bet on "automation", also for how to accurately determine automatic start-up project and lost.
To this end, ti media in interviews the Oculus investors in silicon valley, a line of American fund Formation Shen Han 8 partners, invites him to readers deeply expatiate the current business trends in the field of industrial automation, problems and solutions.
"Object grab" has become bottleneck of industrial automation
At present, the global industrial 4.0 era coming, as one of the main sign of industrial automation has become the most popular business direction. According to Shen Han, worldwide, mainly in the three kinds of innovation direction in the field of industrial automation.
First of all, as a new manufacturing and logistics application scenarios provide the overall solution, add new technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analysis. This area is mainly the ABB, Kuka, FANUC, Kiva (acquired by amazon) and so on giants in the field of automation. Shen Han said,

"But for start-up companies in Europe and America, the field start-up capital demand, argumentation and sales cycle is long, the core technology barriers often limited, it would be easy to a competition in price and cost performance. For a large number of small and medium-sized enterprise customers a full range of automation solution while tempting, but need the money, so the purchasing power is limited."
Second, visual recognition technology. Another essential factors of industrial automation is to give robots "eyes". Previous industrial automation scenario robot just repeated the default size of the object. But with the development of manufacturing and logistics industry, the position of the object, direction, type, shape and size are also becoming more diverse, need robot visual identification ability. The current direction is faced with some challenges and opportunities, mainly embodied in whether can provide customers with standard of recognition accuracy and precision and satisfactory performance.

Once again, scraping technologies. Grab objects, traditional approach is by vacuum suction cups or mechanical paw to grab objects, such as vacuum sucker adsorption automotive glass wind deflector, there are still a lot of thing can't grab by the traditional methods, such as cloth, fruit, flexible electronic devices, etc.
"Cloth have vacuum, can breathe freely, deformation, and flexible PCB with vacuum cups are very easy to damage, can't crawl in a traditional way. At the same time, the existing object grab technology in order to achieve high precision accuracy is relatively high, to the requirement of visual identification and has yet to see a cost-effective good visual identification scheme." Titanium Shen Han to media said.
How to see the industrial automation business projects?
For investors betting on "automation" track, in addition to the three main areas of innovation, can find out another to their distress problem is how to see the business in the field of industrial automation projects? The success out of silicon valley industrial automation nova Grabit Shen Han also gave his advice.

First, the product must be standardized and universal. Entrepreneurial projects in the field of automation has many from founder in the laboratories of scientific research, but from the laboratory technology to product commercialization, and the huge gap in the middle. "Some of the application of automation technology scene at first glance is very wide, but on the specific implementation of A change for the customer here, B change there for our customers. If indiscriminately for each segment are customized products, so there may be A custom version of A year can only sell 5-10 sets of situation, research and development will continue to burn, sales growth will inevitably slow. So do automatic startup project, product standardization, universality is critical." Shen Han said.
Second, product compatibility is better, to be able to do plug and play. To reduce barriers to entry, scale, the implementation of a good automation products compatible with the customer to a large extent has been used in production or logistics process, realize the "minimum disturbance and destruction". Imagine, if an enterprise has already spent a huge sum of money on the automation process, it is very difficult to for a for a link to make effective improvement of new technology and tear down again.
Third, control their own destiny, not subject to the control of system integrators. "At present a lot of automation products due to not do well in standardization and compatibility, often need to rely on selling system integrators and disguised as to sell the parts. So as a VC, I cannot vote for such projects," Shen Han said, "an implementation of a standardized, good compatibility, can plug-and-play automation products should have the ability to get rid of system integrators, can direct distributors, and in cooperation with various industry giants but does not depend on the state of the maintain cooperation."


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