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Forging press domestic market demand and development prospect of analysis

Date: 2015-12-03
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In recent years, the domestic market of forging press, after many years of technology accumulation, has formed a scientific and reasonable development strategy, improve the quality of products and control production costs, expand market, domestic forging press industry need to grasp the opportunity, from the aspects of improving quality brand effect, the shift from production to production services, development of forging press high-end automation products, domestic market, which in turn to the international market.
Along with our country automobile, high-speed rail, wind power, light industry and other industry rapid development, the mechanism of forging pieces of the increasing demand and output. Forging industry urgently demand for high precision forging machine, forging press an unprecedented development opportunity.
A market analysis, forging machine
(1) the current market situation with the forging press forging press industry, cold heading materials and mould level of ascension, upsetting forging is widely used in automotive, transportation, household appliances, electric power industries, heavy use of upsetting become inevitable trend of development of equipment manufacturing large quantities of precision parts, forging press market getting better.
2007, our country fastener production of 5.25 million t, become the world's superpower fasteners production first, and for many years in the first world, occupy a pivotal position in the global fastener industry. At the end of 2015 the national fastener industry production is expected to 7.5 million ~ 8 million t. And fasteners exporter in China, 50% for export production, including the European Union, the United States, Europe, etc., during the five-year average annual export growth was 8% ~ 10%, to 2015 the industry exports will reach 30 billion yuan. But still export fasteners to middle and low strength fasteners, low price, high value-added products.
As the production of fasteners, the domestic market of forging press production is also growing. Domestic zhejiang, jiangsu, hebei, Shanghai, guangdong, shandong for forging press sales major markets, the region accounted for about 90% of the domestic market sales.
(2) forging press enterprises occupy different fields at home and abroad market of Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other regions fasteners clustering development, prompted in wenzhou, zhejiang province, dongguan and other places some automatic forging press products of private enterprises have grown up, playing an increasingly important role. They rely on the developed social collaboration, short delivery time, competitive price, on the mid-range automatic forging press market. But due to the weak technical force, product development sustainability is not strong, the lack of the ability of high-end market development.
As domestic users enterprise scale, capital strength increased, the performance of forging press products, quality is higher and higher, more choice order foreign advanced cold heading equipment. Foreign companies, including Italy sacma anatoly shilov, American National National, Switzerland, Belgium knight hart bell, big fear of e. village, Japan, Japan etc., the company products mainly meet domestic car and other key industries of complex shaped parts manufacturing requirements, occupies the domestic high-end forging equipment manufacturing market.
(3) the traditional automatic forging press product market shrinking automatic forging press product constantly upgrading, the traditional model has been gradually withdraw from the market, such as shear machine, plate bending machine and other equipment, the market share has shrunk dramatically. Transformation and upgrading of domestic forging machinery industry needs, and to develop in the high-end market.

Second, the forging press market prospect analysis
(1) forging press key service sectors - fastener manufacturing industry development trends in 2009, the state council approved the 22 urban subway construction planning, to around 2015, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities will build 79 rail transit lines, plans a total investment of 882 billion yuan. As the railway, subway, etc to increase market capacity, fasteners, market demand is accelerating growth. In the long run, the sustainable development of the national economy and per capita income increased, countries in the aspect of infrastructure construction and industrial development investment increase, will make the fastener demand.
Generally, fasteners production increased by 10%, the required equipment capacity will increase by about 15%. At the same time, after many years of production and operation, some fastener enterprises have realized that only using high technology equipment, improve product technology content, to improve enterprise core competitiveness. Therefore, for upgrading equipment has become a trend, the market contains a huge opportunity.
(2) forging press key service industries - auto parts industry development trend of forging press production of auto parts, special-shaped parts), due to its high precision, high efficiency, transfer request, belongs to the early stage in China. With the improving of the multistep forging press technology, this kind of low cost, low energy and high efficiency equipment more favor by auto parts manufacturers, also is the inevitable developing trend of auto parts.
In addition, the forging press service industries such as power, bearings and other industries in the future will be rapid growth, will pull the forging press market demand increased dramatically.


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