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2015 - 11 - 24
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Method and, fill the blank of the engineering machinery market has no domestic automatic transmissio

Date: 2015-12-03
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The first equipped with 12 block AMT (12 jzdd240a) method and special automatic transmission of two zoomlion heavy families and 180 tons of all terrain crane has been delivered to Hong Kong users, marking method and special AMT products in after the truck, bus and coach market officially entered the terminal construction machinery market. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time domestic AMT automatic transmission matching of large tonnage crane, not only to fill the domestic blank of AMT, engineering machinery market at the same time broke the long-term monopoly of multinational companies in the market.
Users in Hong Kong, said: "method and the AMT automatic transmission for driving experience, the quality of performance and import AMT no difference, has the mainland procurement advantages at the same time, high cost performance, quick after-sales service more timely compared with imported products, this is our value method and the important reason of AMT."
According to understand, method and the AMT matching zoomlion crane B26 localization project started in 2012, starting in 2013 to do reliability test, lasted a year and a half, after a bad road and Beijing proving ground test, changde road test, YunGuiChuan mountain test and road test and conventional surface road test, etc., cumulative test more than 50000 kilometers, has a very high cost performance and good reliability, fully meet the zoomlion 180 ton all terrain crane use requirement.
According to statistics, method and special AMT series automatic transmission has 2 million kilometers through high temperature, plateau and alpine mountains and working conditions, road conditions and various kinds of load test and logistics team actually used for a long time, have a safe, comfortable, energy saving, easy handling and other obvious advantages, its high quality, high performance, high reliability and low fuel consumption, low emissions and low cost design requirements, further meet customers demand, industry development and the market become the leading industry for the future development of optimizing configuration

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