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The equipment manufacturing industry in our country enterprise borrows the policy finance to sea

Date: 2015-12-03
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(international cooperation capacity) of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country enterprise borrows the policy finance "setting sail"
Beijing, May 20 (xinhua xiao-hui zhao, TaoJunJie, Jiang Lin) in the process of international cooperation capacity, the equipment manufacturing industry walk out broad prospects. Some traditional equipment manufacturing enterprises in the domestic market may be a dead end, but it can open a chance to live in the international market, and achieve win-win. However, the current part of the equipment manufacturing enterprise in the process of "going out" is subject to capital bottleneck, and crack the problem need to give full play to the policy of financial "counter-cyclical" supporting role.
China southern railway (0.00, 0.000, 0.00%) of its CSR from ziyang locomotive co., LTD is a production of diesel locomotive as the main business of the old and traditional manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, along with the rapid development of railway enterprise, locomotive manufacturing capacity relative surplus. Like south car from a defeated former leading enterprises in the domestic competition and difficult. In order to survive, the enterprise to develop the international market.
CSR from chairman said to the army, completed and put into operation in 1973 to 1973, the CSR from orders come mainly from the ministry of railways. Since the second half of 2006, CSR great lost to the ministry of railways locomotive procurement bidding qualification, can only rely on overseas markets. After a long market development, order to zero in the country for several years, the south car from ziyang locomotive export ratio of total output, up to 83.9%, the product successfully into the railway track standards are different from our country to turkmenistan, Thailand, Pakistan and other countries, to build "area" of the railway artery accumulated equipment manufacturing experience.
"Each export a diesel locomotive, the company want to buy more than 100 tons of steel raw materials, more than 230 ten thousand yuan of motor products, hundreds of various parts and components, direct drive of our country iron and steel, electronics, mechanical processing and the development of the logistics transportation industry." The army said.
Said to the army, for CSR from overseas markets can take down the list, whether to have enough competitiveness, most of the time already no longer than the product, rather than a comprehensive plan, the cost of capital is the key.
Thanks to the support of the policy-based financial institutions of the export-import bank of China south locomotive great with nearly ten years out of a flopped to go overseas, by going out once again xu li, supported by technology innovation play back in the domestic market to develop, and become the traditional state-owned enterprises in industries with surplus capacity capacity in cooperation with the international market, two markets as a whole, achieve the second venture a success. It is understood that so far, CSR from ziyang were obtained from the export-import bank of China credit funds of about 1 billion yuan, 300 million yuan loan balance.
In fact, at different stages to go out of the equipment manufacturing industry enterprises in the process of develop overseas market are facing capital bottleneck problem. Besides project funding problems in the early, late after-sales service system construction, etc. Also need a large number of matching funds.
As one of the larger private car enterprises in China, zhejiang geely holding group vice President zhang Lin also expressed the desire for go out of form a complete set of financial support. Explore foreign markets, he thought, in addition to selling cars, auto financing and extend after-sales service is an indispensable link, and this link is good or bad, directly determines the car sales of changes in temperature. Economists Zhang Jizuo said, "go out" is far from simply selling products, but to the whole life cycle of services, especially some equipment products through the after-sales service is needed to maintain market share.
Reporter survey found that some of the equipment manufacturing industry of the old state-owned enterprises have a profound accumulation, but in the process of "made in China" to go out is still in the take-off stage, the financial statements are not good, some even already find it difficult to get loans from commercial Banks.
16 issued by the state council on promoting the international production and equipment manufacturing, this cooperation guidance play policy Banks and the positive role of developmental financial institution, through the syndicated loan, export credit, a variety of ways, such as project financing for the financing support international cooperation in production and equipment manufacturing.
To this, expert proposal, to distinct regulatory policy for policy-based financial institutions play a bigger role, make its further support to "counter-cyclical" part of the traditional manufacturing enterprise, give full play to the guiding role of policy finance, drive the capital, to provide equipment and technology to go out sufficient financial support, high efficiency and low cost.

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