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China's equipment manufacturing industry policy of "go out" to meet again

Date: 2015-12-03
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China's equipment manufacturing industry "going out" and meet the east wind, the state council released "about promoting international capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), to promote international cooperation in production and equipment manufacturing, is to keep our country economy high speed growth and a major step towards the high-end level, is to promote a new round of high level the important content of opening to the outside world, enhance the international competitive advantage, is one of the important fulcrum to conduct mutually beneficial cooperation.
"Opinions" requirement, to 2020, basically established cooperation with key national capacity mechanism, remarkable progress was made in a batch of key production cooperation projects, to form a number of overseas production demonstration base of cooperation. Promote international cooperation in capacity and equipment manufacturing systems and mechanisms to further improve, forming a batch of internationally competitive and market development ability of backbone enterprises.
Expert analysis, from equipment manufacturing products to equipment manufacturing capacity of "going out" "going out", is the economy towards a high level of process in China. Government need for these early "going out" enterprises to provide information, finance, taxation and other substantial support, at the policy level to give more detailed and specific measures, focusing on the early go to encourage and support enterprises. Since 2015, our country to promote the international production and equipment manufacturing of "going out" continue to overweight. On April 3, the premier of the state council special chaired a meeting of China's "going out" and promote the international cooperation capacity symposium, and twice on a state council executive meeting to make the corresponding deployment.
Institute of Chinese academy of social sciences industrial economy industrial development research director, researcher Lv Tie pointed out that, in general, strong production capacity in the equipment manufacturing industry in China, this is mainly based on cost advantage and scale advantage. At present although the various kinds of factors of production costs rise more quickly, but compared with developed countries, the production cost advantage still exist; Compared to the developing countries, China's equipment manufacturing industry of scale, technological advantages, supporting services such as still has great advantage. Data show that in the first quarter, China's equipment manufacturing industry continues to grow, the foreign direct investment reached $960 million. Among them, the special equipment manufacturing industry $309 million, accounting for 32.1%; Auto industry $219 million, accounting for 22.8%; Computers, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry $204 million, accounting for 21.2%; Railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industry $91.13 million, accounting for 9.5%.
"Opinions" pointed out that promoting international cooperation in production and equipment manufacturing, advantage is beneficial to promote international cooperation capacity, forming new economic growth point in our country, promote enterprises continuously improve technology, quality and service level, enhance the overall quality and core competitiveness, realize from the product output to the industry output.
To promote China's equipment capacity of "going out", a long way to go.
Notable is that the "opinions" also separately on the iron and steel, non-ferrous, building materials, railway, electric power, chemical, textile, automobile, communication, engineering machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and offshore engineering industry as the key, such as classification, orderly progress. Among them, according to industry facing the international and domestic environment, respectively formulate corresponding measures, is the escort of "going out" enterprises. 15, a commerce ministry spokesman Shen Danyang also said the arrangement of this year's foreign trade and economic cooperation development special funds to support key new and high technology, advanced manufacturing industry, advantages of foreign investment cooperation, mainly used for movable domestic equipment export overseas major infrastructure projects and the capacity of cooperation projects.
"Opinion" is put forward, and will cooperate with equipment and high capacity fit, I desire strong, good cooperation conditions and basis for developing countries as a key national, and actively explore the market in developed countries, to point with surface, gradually expanding. In fact, since last year, the national development and reform commission jointly with relevant departments, actively engage in kazakhstan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Egypt and other countries the capacity of cooperation, achieved positive results. Among them, China and kazakhstan in the steel, cement, plate glass, chemical, machinery, non-ferrous, textile and other industries in-depth docking, already contracted projects of 28, total investment of more than $23 billion, advantage capacity to develop the international market of our country has formed a good demonstration effect. At the same time, with Indonesia, Ethiopia, Egypt and other countries preliminarily determines the infrastructure and capacity early results of cooperation and vision of the project. And as an important strategy of domestic and international countries along the "area", is China's equipment manufacturing capacity of "going out". "At present, the area along the countries' huge demand for infrastructure, and our country has a rich experience of the construction of infrastructure and capacity." Lv Tie points out, if you can meet this two-way demand, China's equipment manufacturing capacity of "going out" huge space.
From equipment manufacturing products to equipment manufacturing capacity of "going out" "going out", need to take a lot of enterprise level risks. To this, the "opinions" requirement, to speed up with relevant countries tax agreement signing, realizing a complete coverage of key countries; Give play to the role of preferential loans, support enterprises to participate in the large complete sets of equipment export, engineering contracting, and large-scale investment projects; Through syndicated loans, export credits and project financing way, increase the financing support for international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing.
And put forward opinions, support qualified enterprises and financial institutions through the issuance of stocks, bonds, asset securitization products in overseas markets to raise funds, used in the project of "going out". A foreign debt issuance records and to raise the low cost of foreign exchange funds, better support enterprise "going out" capital requirements. To increase the source of equity investment, strengthen and improve the export credit insurance. "Compared with equipment manufacturing products" go out ", equipment manufacturing capacity "going out" is a higher stage." Lv Tie, points out that enterprises need to adapt to the investment market environment, laws and regulations, the humanities environment, labor system and quality, policy environment and other factors, faces many uncertain factors, support from the government level is very important. Lv Tie said, these enterprises "going out" is facing with different domestic market environment, more and more uncertain factors, investment is difficult to recovery in a short period of time, before the complete benefits need huge upfront costs, the government need to be done by way of taxes, subsidies and other parts, thereby to encourage and support enterprises to "go out". In Lv Tie point of view, this requires the government to give more detailed in the policy support level, targeted measures, focusing on the first go out companies to encourage and support, especially more substantial support. "It involves many departments, including diplomacy, business, ministry, hair change departments and so on, is a system engineering, need to be patient and long-term process."

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