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2015 - 12 - 03
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For rich amateur cultural life of the worker, the enhancement enterprise cohesion, cultivating enterprise culture, training staff team spirit, the focus on September 15, 2015 annual National Day baske...
2015 - 12 - 03
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On July 29, 2015, the heavy all the middle-level cadres above meeting, communicate in the first half of the group's work conference spirit earnestly. Yin Fang meeting, general manager for the current ...
2015 - 12 - 03
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After the heavy scientific research personnel work together to make the ring again to obtain high room ventilation shaft type preheater for a patent for invention, the invention of the metallurgical t...
2015 - 12 - 03
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Laid a solid foundation for further trade and economic cooperation on June 30, in the afternoon, the Russian federation shue yan group chairman Shi Shuren a line to the heavy inspection, the inspectio...
2015 - 12 - 03
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Recently, my company held large flexibly fellowship activities with chaoyang armed police force, including martial arts performances, dragon dance, lion dance, basketball games, puzzles and other acti...
2015 - 12 - 03
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On April 28, the national model workers and advanced workers commendation congress was held in Beijing great hall of the people, more than 2938 outstanding contribution to the national advanced model ...
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产品名称: Cement production line
  • Cement production line Cement production line

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Product purpose: Used for the cement production.

Technical features:

1.A complete set of the cement production process line including crushing, pre-blending, raw meal preparation and homogenizing, pre-heating, decomposing, cement clinker calcining,  cement grinding, packing and other production process;

2.No grinding ball cement production line which adopts vertical mill to grind clinker, with a number of advantages of low energy consumption, environment protection and low operating costs;

3.Easily control raw meal ingredients, good quality of product, convenient for slurry conveying, less dust in workshop;

4.We can provide design, equipment supply, installation, commission and other full service with daily capacity of 2500-6000 tons production line according to the customer’s demand.

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  • 发布时间: 2015 - 11 - 24
    Product purpose:Used for material drying in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy and chemical and other industries. Technical features: High output, low coal consumption, large drying ability, strong adaptability of materials. Technical data: Category  Size (m) Inlet   temperature (℃) Drying   moisture (%) Capacity (t/h) Inclination   (%) Rotary   speed  (r/min) Motor   power (KW) Initial End Dryer   for building material Φ2.4×18 ≤700 15-20 2-3 8-18(Cement) 4 0.5-5.2 45 Φ2.4×18 ≥700 15-20 2-3 18-28(S...
  • 发布时间: 2015 - 11 - 24
    Product purpose: It is mainly used for the waste residue grinding in the metallurgical industry, improve the added value of the slag, create considerable economic benefits for the iron and steel enterprise, and save a lot of non-renewable resources, in accordance with iron-steel and cement industrial structure adjustment policy. Technical features: 1.Combine crushing, drying, grinding, separating and transporting together, the system is simple, compact arrangement, it can be arranged in open-air which would reduce the investment in large amount; 2.High grinding efficiency, less abrasion, low ...
  • 发布时间: 2015 - 11 - 24
    Product purpose: It is mainly used for roasting basic material---active lime and light burned dolomite in the metallurgy, chemical industry, building material, health care, desulfuration, environment protection, ferroalloy and other industry. Technical features: 1. Equipments operation of the complete set of system is reliable, the automation degree and labor productivity is high; 2.The produced lime quality is stable, high activity degree; 3. We can provide design, equipment supply, installation, commission and other full service with daily capacity of 600-1200 tons production lin...

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