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2019 - 08 - 16
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At the beginning of the year, Zhang tongfu, chairman and the legal person of our company, set the target to manage the operation and improve the monthly output and expand market share.From January to ...
2019 - 06 - 04
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This past May, our company reorganized the production system, optimized production, and seized duration. With the cooperation of all departments, the production system produced 2000 tons per month, ac...
2019 - 05 - 10
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At the end of April, the company organized the production, with the cooperation of various departments, the output capacity of production system increased, and the shipment system is speedin...
2019 - 04 - 25
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On 24th April, CHMP held a meeting of all middle-level cadres in the conference room on the second floor. At the meeting, chairman Zhang tongfu announced to optimize and adjust the structure of t...
2019 - 04 - 19
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The rotary kiln of Barium pentoxide project exported by our company to Cambodia is being shipped.
2019 - 04 - 18
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Our company produces rotary kiln φ3.6×80m and wet ball mill φ2.1×3m for Chengde Jianlong Special Steel Co., Ltd., to ensure the use of customer requirements.
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Product purpose:It is one of main equipments in the sintering plant, set up between the proportioning equipment and the sintering machine, provide the pre-blending and suitable sintering material to sintering machine. Technical features:Low cost, long life, easy to install, easy use and maintenance. Technical data: Category Size (m) Inner diameter of shell (m) Effective length of shell(m) Rotary speed(r/min) Inclination (°) Output Main motor power (KW) Primary drum mixer Φ3.0×9 Φ3.0 9 6-7 1.5-2.5 To be confirmed according to   process condition 185 Φ3.2×13 Φ3.2 13 355 Φ3.4×14 Φ3.4 14 450 Φ3.5×16 Φ3.5 16 500 Φ3.6×16 Φ3.6 16 560 Φ3.8×18 Φ3.8 18 630 Φ4.0×18 Φ4.0 18 710 Φ4.2×18 Φ4.2 18 900 Φ4.4×20 Φ4.4 20 900 Secondary drum mixer Φ3.0...

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