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2020 - 03 - 30
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Scientific organization, reasonable arrangement, CHMP come on! China come on!
2019 - 08 - 16
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At the beginning of the year, Zhang tongfu, chairman and the legal person of our company, set the target to manage the operation and improve the monthly output and expand market share.From January to ...
2019 - 06 - 04
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This past May, our company reorganized the production system, optimized production, and seized duration. With the cooperation of all departments, the production system produced 2000 tons per month, ac...
2019 - 05 - 10
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At the end of April, the company organized the production, with the cooperation of various departments, the output capacity of production system increased, and the shipment system is speedin...
2019 - 04 - 25
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On 24th April, CHMP held a meeting of all middle-level cadres in the conference room on the second floor. At the meeting, chairman Zhang tongfu announced to optimize and adjust the structure of t...
2019 - 04 - 19
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The rotary kiln of Barium pentoxide project exported by our company to Cambodia is being shipped.
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Product purpose: It is used to crush the thermal state sintering material, the temperature for the material which is used to be crushed may be up to 800℃.Technical features: 1.This kind of crusher is a shear crusher, comparing with the traditional squeeze crusher and impact crusher, the power of this kind of crusher is small, the life time of the wearing parts is longer.2.Crushing tooth and grate bar adopt wear-resistant and heat - resistant material to make the surfacing, rotor shaft is hollow and water cooling, it is used to crush the high temperature material.3.Equipped with a pallet traction device, grate bar frame can be easily dragged out of the equipment when the grate bar is needed to be replaced.Technical data: Size(m)Output(t/h)Power(KW)Outlet size(mm)Equipment weight(t)Φ1.8×...
Product purpose: 1.Jaw crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building material, chemical industry and other industries. 2.Suitable for hard and medium-hard minerals or other stone material to coarse crushing and moderate crushing. 3.Fine jaw crusher is suitable for small material to further crushing. Technical features: Simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Technical data:  Category Model Maximum feeding size(mm) Outlet adjustment range(mm) Capacity(m3/h) Motor power(KW) Jaw crusher PE-250×400 210 20-80 5-20 18.5 PE-320×500 270 30-90 10-38 30 PE-400×600 350 40-160 14-65 30 PE-450×1200 380 50-120 50-100 75 PE-500×750 425 50-100 40-95 55 PE-600×900 500 75-200 60-200 80 PE-750×1050 63...
Product purpose: It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building material, water and electricity, road building, mining and other industries, and it is the main equipment of moderate and fine crushing for the different hardness minerals. Technical features: 1.Reliable structure, steady operation, high efficiency of production, less power consumption; 2.Easy to adjust the discharging outlet, product size is even. Technical data: Model Inlet adjustment range(mm) Outlet adjustment range(mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor power (KW) HP100 50-100 10-35 55-140 90 HP200 100-200 20-50 90-250 132 HP300 150-270 30-60 115-440 200 HP400 160-340 30-70 140-500 315 Notes: 1.Production capacity is calculated according to loose density 1.6t/m3of the minerals. 2. Machine weight excludes motor weight.
Product purpose: 1.Impact crusher is the new type of high efficiency crusher which has been developed on the basis of hammer crusher. 2.It is widely used in the electricity, building material, chemical industry, coal and metallurgy and other industry. 3.Suitable for secondary and fine crushing limestone, asbestos mineral, coal, quartz sand, dolomite, pyrites and other materials. Technical features: 1.Higher crushing ratio, even product size; 2.Wide adjustment range, selective crushing, less over crushing; 3.Low power consumption, easy maintenance. Technical data; Category Model Rotor size (mm) Maximum inlet size (mm) Outlet size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor power (KW) Single rotor impact crusher PF-0504 Φ500×400 100 <20 4-8 7.5 PF-0706 Φ700×600 180 <30 8-12 30 PF-1007 Φ1000×...
Product purpose: 1.It is widely used in metallurgy, coal, building material, chemical industry, electricity, cement and other industries. 2.It is suitable for secondary and fine crushing limestone, coal, salt, brick and tile, coke, shale, chalk, gypsum, slag and other mid-hardness and low hardness materials. Technical features: 1.Low power consumption, high productivity, higher crushing ratio (10-40); 2.Even outlet size, less over crushing. 3.Impact equipment structure, low costs, convenient maintenance. Technical data: Category   Model Rotor   size (mm) Inlet   size (mm) Outlet   size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor   power (KW) Hammer   crusher PC0604 Φ600×400 12-15 18.5 PC0806 Φ800×600 18-24 55 PC0808 Φ800×800 ≤50...
Product purpose: It is used to crush the waste raw, cooked electrode and cathode carbon block in the carbon factory. Technical features: 1.Low power consumption, high productivity, higher crushing ratio, less over crushing; 2.Simple structure, convenient maintenance. Technical data: Crushing chamber dimension (mm) Electrode carbon block size (mm) Grid mesh size (mm) Crushing pressure (t) Capacity(t/h) Motor power (KW) Weight (t) Overall dimension (mm) 1100×1940×1060 1400×660×540 100×100 150×150 200×200 500 6 2×45 56 7015×2880×2974

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