Active lime production line with daily production capacity at 1000 tons



The Project with 2 production lines of active lime production line of daily production capacity at 1000 tons totally contracted by Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Installation Co., Ltd. in Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company have passed test-run and test production, the result shows that all of the economic and technical target have surpassed the design criteria and they are well praised by the customer. This large sized of complete set of project is self developed with its own intellectual property.

At present, only a very few of heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise has the overall project contracting ability for the complete set of active lime equipment with daily production capacity at thousands of tons, the success of this project marks that chaoyang heavy machinery installation co.,ltd, has entered into the leading rank in the native country in the field of the design, manufacture and overall project contracting for the large - sized of active lime production line.

In addition, the key equipment in this complete set of the production line is the active lime rotary kiln with outer dimension Φ5*70 meters. At the same time, this project shows that chaoyang heavy machinery co.,ltd. Is at the leading advantage in the sector of the manufacture for the large - sized of rotary kiln design and production.