Select talents, care for talents, develop and bring up talents.

Talent is the base of the enterprise property, talent is the core of development. Talent work is an important and strategic task which concerns the reform and development of Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. places stress on talent training and development at long term, attract people with fine mechanism and treatment, influence people with excellent enterprise culture, motivate people by development outlook of the enterprise.

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will develop the talent resources with vigour, take the road that the talents make the enterprise prosperous, all these are the urgent need for Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. to build modernization with international level and are all the important guarantee to advance the company to develop rapidly, continuously and healthy


The company respects the staff’s career planning,at the same time combined with the company’s strategy and business requirement, to build up the training system which covers the staff’s career development path and raise the personal ability space. Based on the staff career development planning. The company provide the staff in succession: training for the new staff who has freshly entered into the company, training before going at the post,professional training,management training, leadership training 5 layers training courses; based on the personal ability raising space, the company provide 3 categories of training content including knowledge, skill and attitude. The company owns the modern training center with the characteristics of excellent training environment,complete function of devices.

Training entering in to the company: perform off-job training to the new entered staff, help the new staff to get acquaintance with the company at all aspects at the early stage of entering the company to understand and agree with the company culture and master the basic business flow and conduct specification.

        Training before going at post: after the training for the freshly entered staff into the company has been finished, carry out post skill and flow system training aiming at the new staff according the the system to help the new staff to accommodate the post requirement with rapidity.

        Professional training: based on the post qualified standard, carry out professional knowledge and skill training. To pull up the staff’s professional skill and raise the post competence with qualification and title assess in all the systems.

       Management training: through the training method combining theoretical course,project practice, temporary position exercise to help the middle, basic layers management person and the succession reserve personnel at the management post to master the management skill, raise the comprehensive management quality. 

      Leadership training: carry out training to raise the leadership ability to the middle and high layer of management carder aiming at assisting all level of carders to set up the right leadership concept,raising the all items of management competence and method needed for the post qualification and extending the leadership field of vision