Improve management level, increase production efficiency, expand market share



At the beginning of the year, Zhang tongfu, chairman and the legal person of our company, set the target to manage the operation and improve the monthly output and expand market share.


From January to July, CHMP achieved an average monthly output of 1800 tons, up 50% compared with the same period last year, and the monthly output in April reached 2,186 tons, which is an encouraging result of the company's comprehensive improvement of management level.

CHMP is an equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating research and design, equipment manufacturing, installation service, import and export business, logistics and technical consultation. Its leading products are large-scale equipment in metallurgy, mining, building materials and environmental protection industries. It has provincial enterprise technology center and its comprehensive strength ranks among the advanced in the national building materials machinery industry. In recent years, CHMP affected by industrial overcapacity and market downturn, orders cannot meet the demand for production capacity and have been operating at a loss. In the harsh environment of bankruptcy of most enterprises in the industry, CHMP taking advantage of the development platform of zhongze group, the company actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and technical transformation, actively adapted to market changes, and completed the transformation and upgrading of leading products from building materials machinery to metallurgical equipment. It has steadily improved the management level and the survival and development ability of the enterprise and consolidated its market position in the metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry.

This year, the company focused on the fundamental task of improving business efficiency, expanding the market outside, focusing on management inside, and taking multiple measures to improve production capacity and product quality, each index year on year big growth, comprehensively improved the enterprise management level. By the end of July, the output has reached 12,500 tons and the output value is 165 million yuan, both of which are more than 50% higher than the same period last year. At present, the domestic iron and steel industry structure adjustment, a number of steel mills relocation reconstruction projects has taken out, the market to drive the increase in orders. CHMP focus on market changes, clear product direction, relying on mature mixer machine production experience, vigorously promote independent research and development of the production of 'CHMP brand' mixer, order quantity and quality continue to rise. At the same time, CHMP implement of specialized production, adjust the production line, reform production system, change the organization mode of the production workshop, strengthen the overall planning, scheduling and coordination of management function of production department, highlight the workshop manufacturing and assembly role, formed the structure workshop become bigger and stronger, machining workshop become better and exquisite, assembly workshop become better and more professional. By changing the production management mode, the responsibilities of each department were clarified, the enterprise resources were shared, the link of repeated management was reduced, and the foundation was laid for improving the output and increasing benefits. CHMP focus on equipment obsolescence and other production bottlenecks, procurement and maintenance of key equipment, use equipment make output. In the first half of the year, more than 10 sets of equipment such as high-frequency heating machine and plasma cutting machine were purchased, which realized the welding of the cutting tools and improved the production efficiency. Overhaul, project repair and transformation of 6 large and medium-sized equipment, saving maintenance costs and reducing production costs. CHMP implement new and old product standardization design, modular production, from technology to yield. Build a brand new professional technical team, gradually standardize the design of the conventional products, and realize a set of drawings can be universal, the design and process from the heavy repeated work, save the design cost, improve the production efficiency. CHMP also adjusted the process flow, independently developed a new mixer process, changed the purchase of casting and forging parts from blank to semi-finished products, and established a long-term and stable relationship with professional manufacturers to ensure the quality of accessories, which not only reduced the purchase cost, but also improved the quality of products. In addition, CHMP strengthen technology innovation, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the product, on the basic of the self-developed Ø 5.1*25 m mixer, comprehensive research and development of large mixing machine more than Ø5.2m mixer, 5mØ pelletizer, Ø7.5m pelletizer, ranks among the domestic first-class large mixing machine professional manufacturers.

At present, the domestic market share of ' CHMP brand' mixer has reached 70%. Seven of the country's 10 newly built steel mills use CHMP brand mixers. Lime production lines and other products are also gradually expanding market share. At the same time, towards the 'The Belt & Road' strategy, expand product export channels, with the help of the general contractor or design institute, some products are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, India, Vietnam and other countries along the 'The Belt & Road'.

In the second half of the year, in order to keep up with the trend of large-scale products in the market, CHMP formulated the strategic development plan and product structure adjustment plan, comprehensively improved the production and operation capacity and economic benefits of the enterprise, and strived to achieve the target of 2,500 tons of monthly output through measures such as stabilizing production and improving quality.





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