Rod mill
Rod mill

Product Description:

More than 40% less power than traditional equipment; The product granularity is relatively uniform; Advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology is adopted: it is applicable to the first grade grinding of materials with different hardness (Mohs hardness 5.5-12).

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Rod mill

1. General equipment for manual sand preparation, concentrator, chemical plant and primary grinding of power system.

2. Special equipment for extracting iron powder from the steel slag. After the steel liquor is discharged from the converter and electric furnace of the steel plant, the steel slag will be self broken into blocks after being treated by the special device for steel slag heating, and then it will be subject to magnetic separation, crushing, secondary magnetic separation, screening, vibrating screen feeding and rod mill for fine grinding to extract useful iron powder, so as to achieve the effect of environmental reuse.


Cylinder diameter


Barrel length


Operating speed


Main motor power


MBS 24422400420019.8355
MBS 27402700400018400
MBS 32543200540016800