Cement vertical mill
Cement vertical mill

Product Description:

1. Simple process flow, high grinding efficiency, low power consumption and strong production capacity;

2. The granularity of the material to be grinded is large, the product fineness is easy to adjust, and the chemical composition is stable;

3. No steel ball impact, no direct contact between metals during operation, low noise and wear;

4. No additional powder concentrator is required, and the floor space is small;

5. The grinding roller can be turned out of the machine for convenient maintenance.

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Cement vertical mill

Used for grinding cement clinker.


Grinding disc diameter


Feed size


Grinding water


Finished product moisture


Fineness of finished product




Motor power


RMS 323200≤40≤5≤0.5≥3000551600
RMS 4343001103150
RMS 4545001503800
RMS 505000170400
RMS 535300≤75≤10≤1≥4000400400
Note: RMS 53 is used for grinding raw materials