Slag vertical mill
Slag vertical mill

Product Description:

1. The process flow is simple, the grinding efficiency is high, the power consumption is low, and the drying capacity is strong;

2. The granularity of the material to be grinded is large, the product fineness is easy to adjust, and the chemical composition is stable;

3. No steel ball impact, no direct contact between metals during operation, low noise and wear;

4. No additional powder concentrator is required, and the floor space is small;

5. The grinding roll can be turned out of the machine for convenient maintenance;

6. It can be used for grinding steel slag.

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Slag vertical mill

It is mainly used for grinding industrial waste residue in the steel industry, creating considerable economic benefits for users, and saving a lot of non renewable resources, which is in line with the policy of structural adjustment of steel and cement industries.


Grinding disc diameter


Feed size


Grinding water


Finished gouache


Fineness of finished product




Motor power


RMS 323200101514000-450045-501600
CRMS 43430090-953150
CMS 454500105-1103550
CMS 505000120-1254200
CMS 535300140-1505000
CMS 565600160-1705500