Zhongze Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Panshi municipal government



On March 18, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Zhongze Group Co., Ltd. and Panshi municipal government was held in the executive meeting room of Panshi municipal government. Zhang Shouhua, mayor of Panshi, Yu Changfu, executive vice mayor, Tan Hongliang, Xu Shuyi, Zhou Bo, Qi Wu, Ding Yong and other government leaders, Wang Feng, chief financial officer of Zhongze group and general manager of Zhongze haorong group, Fei Hongguo, chairman of gene nickel, Wen song, Wang Zhongsheng and Zhao Defu, deputy general managers, and Tang Siqi, general manager of Zhuo Chuang new materials attended the signing ceremony.

This year, Zhongze group plans to invest billions of yuan in six key projects in Jilin. The construction of 'metallurgical and chemical new material industrial park' in Hongqiling, Panshi City can revitalize the stock resources and give full play to the talent, technology and brand advantages of Zhongze enterprises in hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and gas-phase metallurgy, Build the park into the largest nickel salt production base in China, build the largest carbonyl metal powder material and functional material production base with the largest variety and scale in China, and the only full industry chain production base of 'power battery materials, battery material raw materials and retired power battery recycling' in Northeast China.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Feng introduced the development process and construction plan of Zhongze group in detail, and said: Zhongze group is a large private group with investment, M & A and enterprise operation as its core business. It will adhere to the concept of 'accompanying with social harmony and continuous innovation and development' and be committed to the revitalization and development of the real economy, Zhongze group is willing to contribute to the economic revitalization and development of Panshi City and even northeast China. It is also hoped that relevant government departments will give some support and preferential treatment in terms of policy support, tax reduction and fee reduction, attracting talents, harmonious environment and so on.

Zhang Shouhua pointed out that the signing not only builds a platform for both sides to seek cooperation and promote development, but also can further effectively tap the development potential of Panshi metallurgical and chemical new material industry, accelerate the development of 'metallurgical and chemical park', improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the park industry, and achieve the development goal of 10 billion metallurgical and chemical new material industrial park as soon as possible. He stressed that in the future cooperation, Panshi will give full support from preferential policies, strengthening services and creating an environment to help enterprises solve practical problems in project construction, production and operation, so as to ensure fruitful cooperation between the two sides.

Finally, Zhang Shouhua and Wang Feng signed the strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of Panshi metallurgical and chemical new material industry project on behalf of the two sides.



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