Xie Weidong, mayor of Chaoyang, visited the Beijing headquarters of Zhongze group



On September 14, Xie Weidong, deputy secretary of Chaoyang municipal Party committee and mayor, led a team to the Beijing headquarters of Zhongze group. Yu Zeguo, chairman of Zhongze group, received the investigation team. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the promotion of Chaoyang project, 'retreat from two to three' and enterprise transformation.

In 2003 and 2006, Zhongze group successively acquired the state-owned Chaoyang textile factory with a loss of 332 million yuan and facing shutdown and the state-owned Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Factory in the state of semi shutdown, received 4000 original employees, and established Zhongze group Chaoyang Textile Co., Ltd. and Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. More than 200 million yuan has been invested to transform facilities and equipment, build new plants, and carry out enterprise transformation and upgrading, so as to realize the rapid development of chaofang and Chaozhong, continuously improve the production and operation level, and increase the sales revenue year by year. At present, chaofang is the largest cotton textile processing enterprise in Northeast China, a key leading enterprise and garden enterprise in Liaoning Province. It has been rated as 'user trusted product' in China's cotton textile industry for many years. Chaozhong's production capacity and technical indicators are at the forefront of the equipment manufacturing industry. The 'Chaozhong' mixer has a 90% share in the domestic market. The two enterprises have made outstanding contributions to the revitalization, development and economic construction of Chaoyang City. In addition, chaofang and Chaozhou attach importance to their own development and do not forget to repay the society. After the transformation, nearly 500 million yuan of tax has been paid to the state; More than 7000 people have been employed in total; And invested millions of yuan to participate in public welfare activities such as disaster relief and poverty alleviation. In the future, chaofang and Chaozhong will give full play to their own advantages, refine the existing fist products and continue to maintain the leading position in the industry. At the same time, seize the opportunity of the national 'carbon peak and carbon neutralization' policy and the development of clean energy, make use of the advantages of Chaoyang local resources, implement the relocation and transformation of old plants and prepare for the construction of large-scale tower projects.

Chaofang and Chaozhong, as key enterprises in Chaoyang City, have always been concerned and supported by the local government. Leaders at all levels have visited the enterprise for many times. On September 14, Xie Weidong, deputy secretary of Chaoyang municipal Party committee and mayor, Wang Yifan, vice mayor, and a delegation of more than 10 people visited the Beijing headquarters of Zhongze group.

Yu Zeguo, chairman of Zhongze group, welcomed Xie Weidong and his party. He pointed out that Chaoyang's current development trend is good. It has formed an open pattern of 'opening to Beijing and the sea'. It has obvious geographical advantages, rich resources and great potential. Zhongze group will fully promote the construction of Chaoyang project, steadily promote the relocation, transformation and upgrading of Chaozhong, actively assist the government to solve the problems left over by history, and make new and greater contributions to Chaoyang's economic development and social stability.

Xie Weidong expressed his admiration for Zhongze group's years of deep cultivation in the sun and active performance of social responsibilities. He stressed that Chaoyang actively implemented the 'double carbon' strategic deployment, gave full play to regional advantages, and made every effort to promote all-round and high-quality economic and social development. It is hoped that Zhongze group will strengthen its work and investment intensity, vigorously promote the Chaoyang project to achieve production and efficiency as soon as possible, and let Chaozhong, a high-end equipment manufacturing brand, continue to develop and grow. We should make scientific plans and steadily promote the 'retreat from the second to the third' of chaofang and Chaozhong. We should, as always, make more contributions to the economic and social benefits and social stability.



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