Zhongze group held 2019 annual summary and commendation and 2020 annual work conference



On January 11, Zhongze group held the 2019 annual summary and commendation and 2020 annual work conference, which was attended by more than 240 members of the leading groups of various departments and enterprises of the group and the winners of evaluation and commendation.

Ju Zili, the general manager, summarized and analyzed the work of the group in 2019, reviewed the construction and operation management of investment projects in the previous year, and introduced the comprehensive promotion and successful reorganization of Jilin haorong and its subordinate enterprises of Jilin Railway Jitan Ulanqab metallurgical comprehensive project; Affirmed the achievements of enterprises in actively adapting to industry and market changes, adjusting business ideas and management methods, comprehensively promoting transformation and upgrading, innovating and developing products and technologies, and improving operation and management capabilities and economic benefits. At the same time, it points out the problems and deficiencies existing in the operation and management of the group, and arranges the key work of the group in 2020: first, continue to efficiently promote the construction of ferroalloy, carbon, nickel and molybdenum projects, quickly introduce emerging industries, form an industrial 'hard core' with complementary advantages, and release the economic vitality of new business forms; Second, all enterprises of the group should determine the future development direction and positioning, vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading process, accelerate the improvement of operation and management level, and accumulate the endurance ability of survival and development.


At the meeting, the group commended the advanced teams and individuals in 2019. Mi Haixiang, deputy general manager of Zhongze haorong gene nickel, and Zhang Tao, deputy general manager of Zhongze haorong, won the outstanding contribution award; 13 teams including Jilin Ferroalloy molybdenum deep processing project department, Jilin Carbon Technology R & D department, Jean nickel smelter and Chaoyang Heavy enterprise leadership won the title of excellent management team; Wei Yongchun and other 22 people from Jilin Ferroalloy security department won the title of excellent manager; 22 people including Chen Peng, an electrical technician of Jilin Carbon machining branch, won the title of labor model. The leaders of the group presented plaques, certificates and bonuses to the winning teams and individuals.

At the meeting, five key projects including Jilin Ferroalloy molybdenum deep processing, Jilin Ferroalloy, Jilin Carbon and Jimeng carbon, jinn nickel and Daheishan molybdenum introduced the construction situation; Eight award-winning advanced collectives and individual representatives shared their deeds.

Chairman Yu Zeguo made an important speech. He clarified the development vision of Zhongze group in combination with the current national political and economic situation and the operation of the group. He pointed out: the development of the group has experienced three years. The first decade is the entrepreneurial period of the group; The second decade is the period when the group starts and looks for the development direction; The third decade is a period of rapid development of the group. Most of the reorganized enterprises are industry leaders or influential enterprises in the region, and the projects under construction are first-class symbolic enterprises at home and abroad; Since 2020, the group has opened a new era of complementary advantages and high-quality development. Zhongze group has the advantages of flexible system and mechanism, rich stock resources and strong ability to control opportunities. It will provide a strong guarantee for the realization of the grand development goals and strengthen the confidence in the construction and development of the group.

The chairman made an in-depth analysis on the path to realize the group's future development vision. We should continue to comprehensively promote the 'two wheel drive strategy of investment and M & A and enterprise development', seize the opportunities of national macroeconomic policies, industrial structure adjustment and a new round of Northeast revitalization, give full play to the core competitiveness of investment and M & A, and accelerate the pace of investment and M & A of large and even super large enterprises, Form a development mode with Zhongze characteristics. He stressed: first, we should establish a correct political direction; Second, we should build an excellent team; The third is to strengthen the development belief of doing solid work and prospering the enterprise. The fourth is to increase the investment in technological innovation; Fifth, we should implement the development strategy of long-term investment; Sixth, we should adhere to the concept of win-win development. He also demanded that in the new year, all enterprises of the group should further change their ideas, promote innovation driven, realize transformation and upgrading, constantly adjust their business ideas around development goals, strengthen team building, revitalize stock resources, actively promote the progress of project construction, and comprehensively improve economic benefits, production and operation level and survival and development ability, Strive to make greater contributions to the future development of the group.



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